New Power Rangers Movie suits are basically Iron Man

If you thought the Rita Repulsa costume was fantastic when you saw it revealed earlier this month, you're going to have a heyday with the suits of the Power Rangers themselves. Straight from the new Power Rangers movie which you may or may not have known was being made, the company behind the film have revealed the suits. Red, Black, Pink, Blue, and Yellow, the whole team is here. Each of them seem to have an arc reactor in their chest.

If you haven't been following the releases made by the PR company for this Power Rangers film, yes, if you were wondering, the suits do still correspond to the skin color of the wearers... sort of. Not really. They've switched them around JUST a bit.

In the image above you'll see, from left to right, RJ Cyler's Billy (Blue Ranger), Naomi Scott's Kimberly (Pink Ranger), Ludi Lin's Zack (Black Ranger), Becky G's Trini (Yellow Ranger), and Dacre Montgomery's Jason (Red Ranger).

You'll find Elizabeth Banks playing the main villain – the ONLY villain – up against the Power Rangers: Rita Repulsa. The only problem is, it would appear that the team that decided to bring Iron Man to the heroes of the Power Rangers universe has also decided to bring in Mortal Kombat to the bad.

Not that we're complaining!

In fact it looks like the campy original designs have made their way to the now with gusto, morphing, as they should, to a more modern interpretation of the heroes and villains we're supposed to be seeing. Maybe this is just what the franchise needs to become relevant to the universe.

The universe outside of Japan, that is to say. Japan still has a love for the original suits, without a doubt.

You can also find more "traditional" versions of the suits on Nickelodeon. If that's what you're all about.