New planters just went full Mario Bros on town in UK

A town in England attempted to add some color to the streets with a set of oddly familiar planters for the public. Some are wide, some are tall, all seem to have the same distinctive thick top lip, all appear in downtown Warsall. They all also come in the color green – a very bright green that, along with the shape, might remind you of a certain sewer pipe the likes of which appear in every Super Mario Bros. game since inception.

"It beggars belief," said local florist Andrea Loveridge, speaking with Birmingham Mail. "It makes the place more like something from Super Mario Brothers. They look like those warp pipes Mario jumps down."

Warp pipes indeed. As you'll see in the video below, the SWNS reports that the local city council is being "blasted" for spending money on these planters. Not just because they look like Mario Bros. pipes, but because the 15 (fifteen) planters cost "thousands of pounds."

It looks a lot like Super Nintendo World, but without the breakable brick blocks and music tunes "note blocks." If we didn't know better, we'd suggest this was just the first step on a long road toward total cartoonification and/or gamification of the city of Walsall.

Photo opportunities like this don't happen by accident, and Warlall might just want to lean in to the oddity. Imagine if Walsall embraced the theme, struck a deal with Nintendo, and went all-out Super Walsall Land? Or maybe they take the name Walsall and change it to Wario, and make Super Wario Land as an answer to the mostly-Mario land (Super Nintendo World) in Japan.

We'll know if Walsall kept with the theme if we see Donky Kong doors appear on any local businesses. Take a peek at the timeline below to learn more about that fantastic land of fun in Japan and, someday, Orlando Florida.