Super Nintendo World full tour video shows off new theme park

As promised, Nintendo has published a video showing off the new Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios Japan. The new destination will open its doors to the public on February 4, giving fans access to what Nintendo describes as 'a highly themed and immersive' park complete with games and adventures.

Nintendo announced earlier this week that it would publish a special Super Nintendo World Direct unveiling of the theme park on Friday and that time has finally come. The company showed off the new destination in a livestream late yesterday, giving the public their first big look at the project.

As we expected, the new theme park is styled after Nintendo's greatest characters and destinations with Mario front and center. A huge amount of creativity clearly went into Super Nintendo World, including creating a giant green warp tunnel that leads visitors into the lobby of Peach's Castle.

The company has recreated destinations from its Super Mario series down to the smallest details, including artwork that transforms to different images and music. Visitors will also experience Mt. Beanpole with a flag on the top, a tower of Goombas, Yoshi moving his way around a level, spinning coins, and other elements from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Of course, questions remain about the launch — namely, that Nintendo is proceeding with the grand opening on February 4, which means it will need to contend with the pandemic and related issues. It's unclear what steps will be taken to help keep everyone safe and how many people will be willing to visit a theme park until the vaccine is available.