New No Man's Sky exploit lets players duplicate the rarest items

The highly anticipated game No Man's Sky was finally released this week, and now players have the opportunity to explore it near-limitless galaxy and estimated 18 quintillion planets. A big part of the game's focus is simply exploring these new worlds, cataloging the creatures found there, and collecting resources. However, as often happens in games like this during their initial launch, a bug has been discovered that allows players to earn a large amount of rare materials in a very short period of time.

One of No Man's Sky's most valuable resources are Atlas Stones, as they are related to reaching the game's ending, and collecting just a few is designed to take several hours. Using the exploit in question, however, players can amass five Atlas Stones in roughly 30 minutes.

The exploit is fairly simple to perform, and I'll explain it here, but be warned that it essentially defeats the purpose of the game — exploring and discovery. I'm not going to tell you how you should or shouldn't enjoy No Man's Sky, mind you, but this bug will essentially give you a direct shortcut to the game's ending.

Anyway, when players die while in their ship, they have the option to return to their grave marker and recollect their ship's inventory. But if they just choose to reload their previous save file instead, they get their inventory back instantly, as well as the grave stash. This allows players to basically double the amount of whatever is in the ship's inventory at the time of death.

Putting this exploit to the test, Eurogamer was able collect five Atlas Stones within 30 minutes. Along with having the items in the ship's inventory when dying, the only other requirement is that players have enough free slots to pick up the duplicates from the grave site.

No Man's Sky has already received a significant day one patch that addressed some issues — namely exploits that were discovered by players who got their hands on the game early. There's no doubt that developer Hello Games will be releasing another patch to address this inventory doubling bug, so if you do want to take advantage of it, you better act quick.

SOURCE Eurogamer