No Man's Sky "Day Zero" update suggests deleting early save games

One of the most anticipated PS4 and PC games of the year is still to be launched this Tuesday, but its developers are already announcing a "Day Zero" update. Yes, No Man's Sky, which was delayed no less than 2 months, will be at version 1.03 when regular players log into the game August 9th. Those, however, who have been playing an early copy of the game are highly advised to delete their saved games when updating. It might be a shocking recommendation, but developer Hello Games promises it will be worth the separation anxiety.

It's not that easy to qualify No Man's Sky, as the game traverses and embraces multiple genres, from survival to exploration to action-adventure to world building to MMO. That last bit is actually one of the most interesting aspects of the title. While technically an online multiplayer game, the procedurally generate universe is so vast and galaxies so far apart that the chances of players bumping into each other are quite slim that the game almost qualifies as a single player one. At least enough for Sony to waive a PlayStation Plus subscription.

As is almost common with highly anticipated games, No Man's Sky was subject to delays. Originally planned to take off 21st June, the final, and seems to be really final, date is now 9th August. But when that day comes, players will be immediately greeted with a significantly different, and improved, world compared to early copies. For example, there are three unique paths, probably akin to character classes, to be followed. Galaxies are also promised to be 10 times larger than before, with a lot more variation in environment. There is a ton of new features for the update, some of which might be spoilers, so best check the link below. At your own risk, of course.

For those reasons, Hello Games strongly recommends those who played early copies to delete their saved games. They could continue playing based on the older version, but they won't experience all the new features and options. It will most likely rub such players the wrong way, but Hello Games promises that it'll be the first and last time it happens.

If all goes well, the update hits the press today and the full launch on Tuesday. The blog post does mention both PC and PS4, so it seems that there will be no PC delay. That said, the game's official page still mention's an August 12th worldwide release for the PC version, which will probably keep PC gaming fans at the edge of their seats.

SOURCE: No Man's Sky