New Nintendo Wii U bundles include the Mario & Luigi Premium Pack

Chances are this holiday season will be rough for Nintendo with both Sony and Microsoft set to launch next generation consoles. You can bet just about every gamer out there will have one of those two consoles on their holiday wish list leaving Nintendo with a tiny fraction of holiday sales with its aging and unpopular Wii U. Nintendo is trying to get some attention for its game console this holiday season with the announcement of three new hardware bundles.

The new hardware bundles include the Wii U Mario & Luigi Premium Pack selling in the UK for £249.99. That hardware bundle is due to launch on November 8 and will include New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U games. Those two games will be offered alongside a standard black Wii U console with 32 GB of storage and a Wii U Gamepad.

On November 15, another hardware bundle will launch called the Wii U Basic Pack featuring a white console with 8 GB of storage, a GamePad, and a Wii Remote Plus, sensor bar, and two games. The games include Wii Party U and Nintendo Land.

Coming on November 22, Nintendo plans to launch a Just Dance 2014 Basic Pack bundle. That bundle will include a standard white 8 GB console, GamePad, Sensor bar, and the Just Dance 2014 game and a game called Nintendo Land. Pricing on all the bundles except for the Mario & Luigi version is unknown, but they would be expected to be cheaper considering they have consoles with less storage. One major reason the Nintendo Wii U has been so unpopular is because major game publishers such as EA aren't supporting the console with new games.