New MySpace goes public with Justin Timberlake lure

Can Justin Timberlake make MySpace cool again? That's certainly the social network's hope, using the lure of early access to the first track from the pop minstrel's upcoming album to lure back old users and encourage fresh sign-ups. Inside, meanwhile, waits a dramatically redesigned social experience.

Timberlake previewed that design back in November 2011, with the site switching its focus from being a hub for your social life to a place where music is at the center of the experience. In fact, the new MySpace even promises to play nicely with the service that arguably killed it, Facebook, offering Zuckerberg's system as a registration option.

Until today, invitations were required if you wanted to actually use the new MySpace, but now you can use your old credentials, Facebook, or Twitter, to get access. Linking it with your other social accounts allows you to funnel your listening information across to them, too.

Timberlake – whose single, Suit & Tie feat. Jay Z, will be the first released track from new album The 20/20 Experience expected for release later in 2013 – invested in MySpace back in 2011, along with Specific Media Group. Together, they paid around $35m for the once-mighty site, after News Corp ran it into the ground.

[via Engadget]