Justin Timberlake shows off new Myspace design

While some may think Myspace is dead and long forgotten, the social networking service is still alive. After months of work and a change of owners that includes singer and actor Justin Timberlake, the new and revamped Myspace is ready to invade the internet and attempt to claim some of its lost users back.

The redesign looks quite impressive, and you can definitely tell Timberlake and company were wanting to give it a sleek and modern feel to it in order for it to appeal to today's youth. It has a clean interface and a very responsive design overall, with photos being a huge part of the site's design — profile pages are filled with full-screen cover photos.

Of course, one of the biggest new features is the integration of music. Myspace has access to a music library that rivals dedicated music streaming services like Spotify and Rdio. It allows you to create playlists and share them with your friends. And you can even watch music videos, as well as launch customized radio stations. Timberlake mentioned how the new Myspace redesign can be great for musicians. A lot of the features will allow fans to engage more with artists. Timberlake says he thinks "about it as blurring the gap and how much you can discover through your fanbase and how much you can discover about yourself as an artist." He emphasized that "quality of engagement" is more important than quantity.

However, we're not sure if Myspace can rise from the dead and become a successful, popular social network again. Essentially, Facebook replaced Myspace, and we're not so sure that Myspace can reclaim its territory again, especially since Facebook has over one billion users now. Then again, the folks at Myspace have put together an impressive redesign, so we hope it does well for them.

[via MTV]