New Microsoft Surface Pro 3 site aimed at MacBook converts

The Surface Pro 3 is a neat concept. Can you really replace a laptop computer with a tablet? The crew at Microsoft hopes you'll at least try, with their increasing media campaign against the MacBook Air serving as proof of their concept. A new site, dedicated to users who want to 'make the switch', went live over the weekend. A thorough imagining of what it's like to go from a MacBook to a surface is covered, including basics about the operating system(s) and best practices for switching over.

The page, which is laid out like much of Windows itself, has four main components: Getting started, Surface Pro 3 for MacBook users, Moving your content to Surface Pro 3, and Using Surface Pro 3 with iPhone, iCloud, and iTunes.

The site is a pretty robust run-through of all the normal things you might be asking yourself when migrating to a new OS, but also does a pretty good job of making your possible concerns applicable to the Surface tablet.

Microsoft has tried to straddle an interesting line with their Surface Pro 3. They both offer it as a more profound multi-tasking tool than the iPad, but also a more useful and more portable laptop than the MacBook.

There has also been an improved effort from Microsoft to support competing platforms via software, so they're not going all-in with this 'Surface Pro 3 versus MacBook Air' narrative.

At least not as much as they did with 'Scroogled'.

Source: Microsoft