New Micro Machines World Series game release incoming

One of the most iconic series of miniature car toys will be bringing their first proper video games in YEARS to consoles and PC. This game is part of the official Micro Machines video game series, previously released by such publishing companies as Camerica, Ocean Software, Midway, THQ, Infogrames, and Chillingo. Previous developers include such elder groups as Big Red Software, Merit Studios, Mindscape, Supersonic Software, and Infogrames Sheffield House. Now it's time for a modern release.

While it's true that there was a Micro Machines game released in July of 2016, that was merely a mobile game. Here in 2017, we're getting a game from the folks at Codemasters and Deep Silver. With this release, the game returns to consoles and PC, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows.

This game will be able to be comfortably played by all users, young and old. Users that've previously played the game – legacy players – classic game modes will be quite familiar. That includes "Race" – of course – and "Elimination" as well as a brand new way to play in "Battle Arenas." Also included will be "Capture the Flag" and "King of the Hill" game modes.

For those legacy players of the Micro Machines game series, this release will roll with a number of classic game modes and classic game maps. Levels like the garden, the workshop, and the kitchen will be available in all their slightly-modified and far more high definition glory. Have a peek at the trailer below, but don't expect a whole lot in the way of gameplay.

We'll see more of what the game will actually, truly look like hopefully rather soon. The game itself will be released in April 2017 for consoles and Windows PC. At that time, we'll expect the promise of a collection of Hasbro titles within this game to be fulfilled – all the Hungry Hungry Hippos, G.I. Joe, OUIJA, and NERF we could possibly desire.