New iWatch delay rumor is hard to believe

A new report is suggesting the iWatch, Apple's wearable, will be delayed. Originally thought to launch in October, the iWatch is now thought to begin it's run in November. The reason behind this is Sapphire glass, which analysts claim is in short supply. That's hard to buy into when you look at the facts surrounding it, though.

First, we have the new Kyocera device. While we aren't posturing that this rough-and-tumble Kyocera handset will in any way compete for iPhone sales figures, it does have Sapphire glass. Given supply and demand issues, it seems a device which simply won't sell as well getting Sapphire glass means there is more than enough to go around.

Apple also recently opened a factory in Arizona specifically for Sapphire glass. As in, that's all this factory churns. An entire factory, dedicated to production of the very thing Apple devices needs, and the Sapphire glass is somehow not readily available?

This Sapphire glass may be a composite, but that's unknown at this time. recent stress testing suggests Apple isn't going all-in with Sapphire, instead opting to create their own cross-breed material. Still, a company with the supply chain muscle — and proprietary factory — like Apple could likely source as much of anything as they need.

All their newer devices are said to have Sapphire, which could strain yields, but we seriously doubt there just isn't enough Sapphire glass in the world to make Apple happy. Given previous rumors of a busy October for Apple, it's still worth considering all their items will launch in that timeframe. October is, after all, the beginning of Apple's fiscal year.

We've heard plenty of reasons why an iWatch may be "delayed", but Sapphire glass availability? That's unlikely.

Via: The Register