When will you be able to actually buy the iPhone 6?

We've heard plenty of rumors about when Apple would officially announce the iPhone 6, but when will you be able to get your mitts on it? While a simultaneous announcement/launch would be nice, it's likely not th case this time around. If the latest reports are true, we'll have to wait a full month before seeing the bigger iPhone in stores.

According to Mac Rumors, who spoke to someone who spoke about "an internal Apple Retail Store meeting", the iPhone 6 will hit stores on October 14th. To save you the trouble of looking at a calendar — that's a Tuesday. Apple traditionally launches their devices on a Friday.

The Tuesday launch was given no foundation, but the source claims it will be "immense". They also said the entire month would be big for Apple, refreshing talk of a second iPhone 6 and iWatch (or iTime, depending on what side of the fence you're on with that one).

That's also the time we can expect OS X Yosemite an iOS 8, and we are still hearing rumors of new iPads around then. Macs have seen a small upgrade already, with even the iMac getting improved specs and pricing.

Almost completely new hardware, new software, and a public that will at least want to gawk at the iPhone 6. The Apple Store just might be even more of a madhouse come October if this is true. The Tuesday launch may suggest Apple knows the iPhone 6 will be a big deal, and are trying to limit lines a touch. It could also mean they're confident in the supply chain pulling through and bringing as many devices as necessary.

I guess we'll see come the Fall.

Source: Mac Rumors