New iPhone 13 details this week - release date still likely later

While the next iPhone will be different from the last, it won't likely break tradition when it comes to its own release date schedule. In a note released this week by investor analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, new features were outlined for the next set of smartphone devices in the Apple universe. These devices are tentatively titled iPhone 13 (unless Apple comes completely out of left field with a new naming scheme), and they'll probably be arriving this Autumn.

Per Kuo via 9to5Mac, 5G features will be expanded upon in the next wave of iPhone devices. In iPhone 12, only a select set of region-specific devices have access to mmWave. That's the speediest sort of 5G, but also the sort that's had the smallest adoption worldwide.

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As most of the world's adopted sub-6 5G for wide deployment, it only made sense for Apple to produce their first iPhone devices with 5G featuring sub-6 connectivity. As there is an additional cost and industrial design considerations to be made with mmWave 5G, Apple began with a limited release in the United States.

Kuo's analysis suggests that by the time we see the iPhone 13, Apple will be ready to deliver mmWave devices to Canada, Australia, Japan, and other countries in Europe. It's entirely possible that Apple will eventually integrate the cost of 5G (mmWave included) into all iPhone models – but that day is still probably a few seasons away.

In any case, there's very, very little chance we will see a new iPhone (iPhone 13 or otherwise) at the big Spring Apple event this week. It would not be a shock to see new 5G-enabled iPad devices, on the other hand. The iPad Pro and a new iPad Mini are expected to be revealed and released in the very near future. You might want to take a peek at what we expect from this Spring Apple event too – it could be weird!