New iPad Drop Tests Show The Inevitable

As it is with every new high-class device release, drop tests have been done to show how, believe it or not, glass does break when you drop it on cement. It's almost as if the users in these videos do not understand basic physics or the obviousness of the truth: glass plus cement equals broken glass. That said, it's always entertaining to see some $500 pieces of technology being smashed in the name of science.

Both the new iPad and the iPad 2 are dropped from a couple of heights both facing upward and downward, from a normal human height and from much to high to be realistic. Facing upward it appears that both models survive the strike, while face-down noone is safe from the evils of the cement devil. Just goes to show you – get a case or be sorry!

For those of you wondering what would be best to protect your iPad, we've got just the answer for you. A case so hardcore that the makers of this case sent an iPad into outer space with it, dropping it thusly. It of course survived the impact, and you can have this technology in your hands asap! Have a peek at our review of the G-Form Extreme Portfolio for iPad (and iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Gen) and see the protection extraordinaire!

[via YouTube]