New Harry Potter trailer revealed: "Fantastic Beasts" in full effect

Lumos Maxima chants the hero of the newest Harry Potter film, bringing the rest of the Wizarding World of J.K. Rowling to life. Eddie Redmayne had us from the first moment this trailer began. We must see it. Inside you'll find a fantastic collection of teasers and extremely well put together bits and pieces, well put together for those that've already seen the Harry Potter films and are fully addicted. It's time to "return" to this wizarding universe. As if you ever left.

Now, remember – this may be the same universe Harry Potter is from, but it's not going to contain Harry Potter himself. This takes place at a completely different time. You won't see most of your favorite characters – though you may see some. Never say never when there's magic involved.

You'll find Jacob Kowalski, a fellow who cannot perform magic. He's known as a a "No-Maj" as it were. He's to meet Newt Scamander at some point in this story, and here he's holding his suitcase. The fellow you're seeing perform magic is Newt himself.

The person you see standing inside the broken building is Percival Graves. Graves is the right-hand helper of the president of the Wizarding World. The woman with a crown is Seraphina.

Seraphina will end up being the head of the Magical Congress in the United States, aka the American Ministry of Magic. You'll find Porpentina (Tina) Goldstein approaching the congress in the middle of the trailer. Goldstein is Scamander's wife.

Ready to roll in to this universe? We certainly are!

The only bad news we have is the time you'll have to wait. This film will be released in November of 2016. Forever away!