New Guitar Hero T-Shirt from Glenz Tees

Its been a little while since a new Guitar Hero Shirt has popped up, if you haven't snagged one in a while, now you have another to add to your collection or wish list. This one has a much more hardcore look to it as opposed to just the regular guitar on your tee.

Although the Guitar Hero controller isn't the controller that is typically found sticking out of a TV it still makes you seem much more passionate about your rocking out. This t-shirt just looks way cooler than the reality, which is typically a small Wii controller as opposed to a guitar.

Thankfully this t-shirt is not only available in men's sizes but women's as well. Which is a trend that I'm glad is growing more and more. I've noticed several geek sites have gotten a better collection of women's tees. The t-shirt for both women and men is being sold for $19.95.

[via tcritic]