New Gorillaz Music and Artwork "leaked" by Jamie Hewlett

Don't expect any full tracks out of the Gorillaz Until the time is ripe – but today we're getting a preview. Today Jamie Hewlett released not one, but two videos – very short videos – showing what's going on in the studio with the creators of the next Gorillaz album. One video is relatively short but includes some futuristic musical jams, while the other is long but contains no music. Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn are here – see if you can identify anyone else.

The first video you're going to see shows some studio action and a bit of what we can't help but think must be a hint at one of the first songs that'll be released from said album. The tenor is right, the beats are correct, and the next phase in Gorillaz release timing appears to be upon us.

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The next video shows some of the crew working on the next Gorillaz album. There can be no doubt.

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Both of these videos were shared by Hewlett just this morning – or night, depending on if you're counting the UK or not. We can't be entirely sure.

What's more: Hewlett appears to have been revealing the album cover piece by piece. Below you'll see what we've constructed thus far – if the grid holds, and if Hewlett does indeed mean to release an album cover that's all one image.

It's also entirely possible that we're completely off-base.

Also feel free to download that image – it's massive and fully awesome as a desktop or smartphone wallpaper on its own.

Next – above – you'll see a gallery of images harvested from Hewlett's Instagram. They're all Gorillaz-infused and seem to be part of a system emerging for Phase 4 – that's the fourth full Gorillaz album and the artwork to accompany.

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