New Godzilla trailer is a classic big-screen event

There's a new Godzilla King of the Monsters trailer out right this minute and you're gonna want to watch right here and now. Unless you've only got your phone – if that's the case, maybe send it somewhere where you've got a big TV to watch this in massive format. This trainer is as big as the last movie, and several times as heavy.

In the trailer we've got Rodan, the volcanic pteranodon. We've got Mothra – the biggest, most mega moth of them all. The three-headed monster is Ghidorah! In this film he'll likely be called Monster Zero, and was previously called KING Ghidorah. If you've not already seen the classic versions of each of these monsters, right now might be the best time to start.

These monsters are akin to another monster movie franchise that's been relatively popular – albeit tumultuously so – Pacific Rim 1 and 2. In that universe, humans have massive robotic battle-bots. In this Godzilla universe, we're basically just hoping for the best.

Also interesting is the following bit of text from the folks at Warner Bros. Pictures. Does this mean King Kong and Godzilla might clash at some point? UPDATE: After very, very little research, we've now discovered that this will, indeed, happen in a May 22nd, 2020 film called Godzilla vs Kong!

"Following the global success of "Godzilla" and "Kong: Skull Island" comes the next chapter in Warner Bros. Pictures' and Legendary Pictures' cinematic MonsterVerse, an epic action adventure that pits Godzilla against some of the most popular monsters in pop culture history."

Cross your fingers for as many monster movies as possible – what better way to escape today's nightmare reality than to dive in on something potentially far, far worse? This is the reason giant monster movies exist, after all. Godzilla: King of the Monsters will be in theaters on May 31st, 2019.