New Facebook Home ad features Mark Zuckerberg and a screaming goat

Facebook has revealed its next TV ad for Facebook Home, and this time, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is featured in it. In the video, Zuckerberg is making an announcement about the launch of Facebook Home, and how the app centers around the people, not the apps, and yadda yadda yadda. While he drones on and on, to the boredom of the employees, one employee takes to his HTC First, and scrolls around his Facebook Home interface.

This Facebook ad borrows the same concept as Facebook Home's first television ad. As Joey, the other guy featured in the ad, flips through the contents of his Facebook, the news stories come to life. First, we have a goat that screams in Zuckerberg's face while he's giving his speech, followed by Joey's friend asking him to play a game of racketball with him. The scene ends with the entire office transformed into a swimming pool, and Joey being submerged in water in real life.

Facebook Home launched yesterday, both through the AT&T exclusive HTC First, as well as through an Android app available only for select devices. Unfortunately, the app saw some pretty mediocre reviews on the Google Play store, but things are starting to look up for it. Right now, it's at a 2.5 star rating in Google Play, with a total of 2,681 votes. However, the more recent reviews are much more accepting of the app. Along with Facebook Home, Facebook also updated its other Android app, as well as its Messenger app.

Facebook Home is a launcher that is supposed to center around people, rather than just apps. It has features like Cover Feed, which brings status updates from your favorite Facebook friends to your lockscreen, and Chat Heads, which shows a pop-up bubble on you screen when a friend messages you, that brings your friends at the forefront of your Android device. Be sure to check out our review of Facebook Home here.