New Battlefield 4 DLC has an insane Easter egg hidden inside

Finding Easter eggs in games is a lot of fun. Usually you'll stumble onto something that is a reference to an earlier game, or some other piece of pop culture. However, other times they lead to a puzzle that, if solved, can give you access to something rather unique. Well, Battlefield 4's latest free DLC had one of the craziest Easter eggs I've ever seen.

Battlefield is known for having secrets hidden within maps, and even withing Battlelog itself. This may be the single most complicated one of all. One of the developers confirmed that there was something hidden within the latest map, Dragon Valley. So a thread was started on the official forums, and piece by piece they put the whole thing together.

What's crazy is just how much work has to go into solving this. There is puzzle involving turning on 20 lights in a sequence, using 7 buttons that are spread out on the map. There are also several instances where you have to decode a message that's blinked to you in Morse code, and even a riddle.

So what's the big payoff for solving the secret? You get a very special set of camo for your soldier, which was previously only available to DICE employees. Oh, and the camo makes you invisible to thermal scopes, which can be a pretty big deal, especially on the night maps that were released earlier this year.

And if you're hoping that you can cut to the end and solve only the last piece of the puzzle, each one has a unique code that's generated when you complete the previous steps. Unless you do those, you won't be able to get your special DICE LA camo.

VIA: Battlelog