New Apple TV jailbreak already in works using SHAtter

The SHAtter iPhone jailbreak we wrote about yesterday looks like it could be even more useful than previously thought.  As well as opening up the potential for jailbreaking/carrier-unlocking the iPhone and iPod touch while still allowing users to upgrade with official Apple firmware, new testing on the firmware for the new Apple TV has revealed that it, too, is susceptible to the same SHAtter jailbreak hack.

The testing was done on the Apple TV firmware available through the Cupertino company's public distribution servers, since the hardware units themselves are still winging their way through the courier system.  What was found is that SHAtter can be used to decrypt the main file system keys, opening up possibilities of custom app stores and other modifications for Apple's new set-top box.

Since SHAtter is a boot level exploit, Apple will need to change the hardware rather than just put out a new version of iOS for the Apple TV.  That's something they've demonstrated they're not unwilling to do – in fact they revised the iPhone 3GS to address a boot level exploit for the smartphone – so would-be Apple TV owners keen on having a jailbreakable system are advised to buy sooner rather than later.

[via Redmond Pie]