New Apple HDTV coming within a year, rumored to be full-fledged TV set

Quite a few Apple HDTV rumors have broken onto the scene today, this time once again arising from renowned Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who took the stage at the IGNITION: Future of Media conference this morning. In fact, according to his predictions, Munster is so certain an Apple TV will be launching in the next year, that he essentially told anyone in the audience who was thinking of purchasing a new TV to standby and wait, because Apple's new TV is going to be, well, in the most Apple-esque sense as possible, amazing. Well, we hope so too.

Munster is quite confident in an Apple HDTV being launched before the 2012 holiday season, that being roughly a year from now. To sum up the details, the Apple HDTV will be a full-fledged, standalone high-definition television, and not only an accessory or current Apple TV-like set-top box. The TV will come also in a "range of sizes" to appeal to a wide variety of consumers at different price points, although they will potentially be priced at twice the average cost of HDTVs from other manufacturers. Seamless integration with your other Apple devices and service will be key, and you'll also be able to control it with your iPhone or iPad, or even possibly via Siri. There will also be, unsurprisingly, iTunes, App Store, and iCloud integration, although you'll still need a cable subscription and cable box.

Yesterday's tip about Apple TV v3 in the iOS 5.1 beta lead has lead to a flurry of rumors today. I'm mostly excited about the full-fledged TV part, since if there's few companies that could disrupt the faltering TV industry, Apple is definitely one of them (we're looking at you too, Google, give us something good, seriously). Current Apple TVs owners, how do you like your setup? Would you get the new Apple TV, were it to be as described as such today?

[via Business Insider]