New Android OS version hinted by Pandora developers

Pandora Internet Radio's Android application has just been update this week with several fixes for bugs, user interface upgrades, and a hint that they know something we don't about the future of Android. In what's essentially a hint that we're sure thousands of users passed over without a thought, Pandora's developers may have accidentally spilled the beans. Promising "compatibility support for upcoming Android OS" the creators of Pandora may have let us know that Google is working with them to get prepared for their next generation in mobile operating system greatness.

A new version – or at least an updated version – of Google's mobile operating system being in the works wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine at this very moment in time. This is because not only do we know that Google is always and constantly working on Android in order to improve and upgrade it for the future, we're also coming up on a giant developer event as well. This next month we'll be live at Google I/O 2012 to bring you all the sweet Android and Chrome action, and you can bet there'll be some surprises prepared for us by Google in both.

Pandora's mobile application meanwhile does rock at this point, still having thousands of mobile users listening in on the daily from all corners of their app-covered environment. This update now adds the most important feature Pandora has ever implemented: stopping the music when headphones are pulled out of your device's jack. That and, again, being prepped for what may very well Android 4.1 – we'll see next month!