New Acer Aspire One with skinny-casing: SSD & Linux likely

Images of a new Acer Aspire One netbook have emerged, with a slimmer chassis than the recent 10-inch D150 version.  The as-yet unannounced netbook also has the SD memory expansion slot which disappeared in the transition from 8.9-inch to 10-inches, and that plus the reduced heft suggests that what we see here is the SSD version.

Acer originally included the SD memory expansion slot – which is designed to accept a memory card on a more permanent basis, versus the standard multiformat slot – to augment the lesser solid-state storage on the Aspire One.  Since the newer D150 uses a far larger 160GB hard-drive, Acer dropped the expansion slot.

Looking at the keyboard, the presence of the Windows key suggests the new Aspire One will run XP, though a Linux version is certainly likely given the SD expansion potential was previously only used in the open-source OS.  Acer themselves have confirmed that both Linux and SSD versions of the 10-inch Aspire One are coming. 

Finally, the shift in VGA output and ethernet ports suggests a tweaked motherboard layout, with Acer prioritizing shaving bulk.  It's possible that this is an entry-level Acer Aspire One, with a smaller amount of onboard storage but an even lower price than the existing D150 model.

[Danke anonymous tipster!]