New 4GB iPod Shuffle coming to refreshed Apple Store?

Just over a week since the last major update, and the Apple Store is once again down for "updating".  According to the rumors, when it returns we'll see a new, 4GB iPod Shuffle available in black and silver.

According to the tipster – who is credited with accurately predicting the Mac mini, Pro and iMac announcements last week – the new iPod Shuffle will also use a new dock/sync cable.  The black Apple iPod Shuffle 4GB will be product code MC164 while the silver Apple iPod Shuffle 4GB will be product code MB867.

No word on pricing, but the current 2GB iPod Shuffle retails for around $65.  The Apple Store is expected to return at around 8:30 AM Eastern time.

Update: The new Apple iPod Shuffle 4GB is confirmed