New 3DS XL gets a SNES classic makeover

Eric Abent - Aug 22, 2017, 11:28 am CST
New 3DS XL gets a SNES classic makeover

Beginning next month, we’re going to see the return of a phenomenon that hasn’t gripped the world in more than 25 years: Super Nintendo mania. Nintendo is set to release its SNES Classic Edition around the world next month, setting off what’s sure to be frenzy as consumers rush to get one. That likely won’t be the only SNES-themed product that will be in short supply, as Nintendo has revealed a New 3DS XL model that’s designed to look like a Super Nintendo.

The handheld was revealed today on Nintendo UK’s Twitter and given a release date of October 13. That’s just a few weeks after the SNES Classic Edition hits stores, so if this new mini console proves to be just as elusive as its NES predecessor, you can always pick up one of these New 3DS XLs to ease the pain.

In truth, these SNES-themed New 3DS XLs will likely be hard to find in their own right. It all depends on how limited Nintendo chooses to make this model – will we see wide retail availability, or will it be exclusive to one chain? Is it launching in more places beyond the UK? The answers to those questions will determine how easy it will be to actually buy one.

They’re also answers that Nintendo hasn’t given yet. The tweet announcing the SNES 3DS XL was painfully short on details, with Nintendo only saying it’s “coming to store shelves on 13/10.” It looks like we’re going to have to wait for more details before we can know just how easy it’ll be to get one.

While the Switch and its accompanying eShop are region-free, the bad news here is that the 3DS is not, meaning that importing probably won’t be an option in regions where this 3DS variant doesn’t launch. I’ve reached out to Nintendo to ask if this New 3DS XL will make its way to North America and I’ll update this article if I hear back, so keep your fingers crossed.

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