New $1bn Qualcomm mirasol plant will make smartphone screens

Qualcomm has apparently agreed $1bn investment plans in a new mirasol plant, according to the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs. The new plant, which will be based at the Hsinchu Science Park, will see Qualcomm begin mass production of small- and medium-scale mirasol panels, such as might be used in a smartphone.

Until now, Qualcomm has been producing 5.7-inch mirasol panels, scaled more for small tablet or ereader deployment. However, the company has previously suggested that different sized screens could find their way into other electronics segments.

mirasol is a non-backlit e-paper style display technology that uses Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) to create color images that are video-capable, unlike E Ink's e-paper. More information in our hands-on.