Never mind Musical Chairs, how about a Musical Table?

Chris Davies - Oct 31, 2006

Like that cheerleader everybody fancied back at your highschool, I just can’t get enough… only I can’t get enough of concept tables that light up and react to stuff that gets placed on them.  Rather than the football team.  This is the latest, a “tangible user interface” that “constructs different audio topologies” as a “graspable flow-controlled programming language”.  Or, in words our gum chewing, mini-skirt wearing cheer-friend might understand, you move the toys on the table and the music gets made.


Physical artefacts have links projected onto them from underneath the table.


There are videos a-plenty on the Reactable site, but sadly no details of how you can buy one yourself.  Just imagine, you’re passing the potato to your grandmother and simultaneously composing a techno symphony!


Reactable [via Core77]

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