Never lose your car in a dark alley

With the degree of customisation available now, it's hard to get your car to stand out.  One surefire way (but which tends to push people's "love it or hate it" button) is a full-body custom paint job, preferably of something recognisable rather than random swirls.  An MR2 owner in Russia decided their love of the Terminator was so strong that their car should portray it; moreover, so that people seeing the car at night wouldn't miss out, he did it all in glow-in-the-dark paint.


Since the bounds of my glow-in-the-dark knowledge are pretty much stumped when you get beyond certain octopus and those self-adhesive stars you stick to your bedroom ceiling when you're a kid, I'm not entirely sure how much light this phosphorus paint needs to absorb in order to be as bright as it is in the photos.  I'm guessing quite a lot.

Glow in the Dark car [English Russia]