Neuros OSD3 development kicks off: 1080p/60, eSATA and HTML5

Chris Davies - Jul 28, 2009
Neuros OSD3 development kicks off: 1080p/60, eSATA and HTML5

Neuros Technology have been spilling the beans about their next-gen open-source mediaplayer, the OSD3, and while it’s not set to hit shelves for at least another 18 months it’s shaping up to be impressive.  The company is working with Texas Instruments regarding the OSD3’s ARM-based processor, and have official support for 1080p/60 encoding and decoding.

Rather than attempt to take on the growing legion of entry-level mediaplayers, Neuros are aiming for the high-end of home entertainment.  A minimum 2GB of DDR3 memory is confirmed, together with SATA/eSATA, gigabit ethernet, SD/MMC and PCIe support.

There’ll also be an HDMI output and component input, while component outputs are also being discussed.  A full web browser with HTML5, Adobe Flash and Hulu support is also a given.  Part of the reason Neuros is talking about this so early is to get feedback from their users about what functionality people really want, so head over and add your two-cents’ worth.

[via Gear Diary]

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