Neuros OSD unboxing – Judie gets a taste for the camera

Chris Davies - May 25, 2007

Holy crap we’ve created a monster!  Well, not quite, but your darling and mine, Gear Diary’s Judie, has thrust herself in front of the camera and done another unboxing video.  This time the electronic subject is Neuros’ OSD, an open-source media recorder/player/streamer.


The OSD has a nice long list of functionality – including being able to record from most things (camcorders, TV, set-top boxes, DVDs)  to most media (iPods, hard-drives, flash memory) and then squirt it across your network.  They’re currently beavering away to add YouTube streaming, wireless networking, a prosumer audio recorder/player and more, but since it’s all Linux based if it doesn’t do exactly what you’d like it to then you can always whip up some code yourself.

It’s available now for $239.99

The Neuros OSD Unboxing [Gear Diary]

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