Neuros OSD 2.0 High-Definition developer kits shipping

Chris Davies - Sep 17, 2008
Neuros OSD 2.0 High-Definition developer kits shipping

Neuros has begun shipping their high definition Neuros OSD 2.0 developer kits, an open-source DVR based on Texas Instruments’ DaVinci DM 6446 chipset.  Comprising all the basic hardware a developer might need to begin coding for the multiformat set-top box, the OSD 2.0 HD includes two composite and one component inputs, together with composite, component and HDMI outputs, and a total of four USB ports.

Under the hood there’s room for multiple hard-drives and other peripherals; Neuros will also sell you the OSD 2.0 HD circuit board itself, a palm-sized module, for $169.99.  The eventual goal of the project is to create a box with the simplicity and directness-of-purpose of a set-top box (complete with its usual quiet running, cost and efficiency) with the openness of a PC.

None of this is intended for end-customers as yet, and they’re being directed to the existing Neuros OSD until the second-generation hardware matures.  The Neuros OSD 2.0 HD Developer Kit is available now, priced at $249.99.

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