Netgear EVA9000 gives YouTube 720p HD video demo

Netgear's EVA9000 Digital Entertainer Elite has been quietly wowing the preview crowds with some pre-CES demonstrations.  The 500GB mediaplayer is capable of streaming HD 720p video over your WiFi draft-n network, in addition to pumping out full 1080p high-definition content from your PC. Check out the video demo after the cut

Despite Netgear's assertion that the EVA9000 is aimed more at the technologically-minded early adopter, rather than the audience for something like Roku's Netflix streamer, this brief glimpse of the GUI looks to be relatively slick and well thought-out.  Netgear currently don't have a deal in place with Netflix, to bring their streaming media via the Digital Entertainer Elite, but they haven't apparently ruled that out as a possibility.

What it will be able to do from launch is handle Bittorrent downloads, stream in as high a definition up to 1080p as your broadband connection (and content source) can handle, and allow for user-replacement of the 500GB of standard storage.  It's expected in Q1 2009, priced at around $400.


[via last100]