Netflix's canceled Tuca & Bertie animation revived by Adult Swim

In July 2019, it was revealed that Netflix declined to renew the then-new adult animated show Tuca & Bertie for a second season. The news was surprising as most Netflix shows usually get two or three seasons under their belt before being canceled. In a surprising turn of events, the show will live on, but its new home will be Adult Swim.READ: Netflix cancels Tuca & Bertie animated sitcom after one seasonTuca & Bertie season two will be comprised of 10 episodes, according to Deadline, which reports that Adult Swim has retained the option of ordering more episodes in the future. The show was created by Lisa Hanawalt of Bojack Horseman and it stars Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish as its two leading voice actors.

The comedy revolves around birds, two in particular: Wong's Bertie, a songbird, and Haddish's Tuca, a toucan. The two birds are friends, yet have very different personalities, leading to some of the hijinks we saw in the first season. It was never clear why Netflix decided to cancel the show after one season, but watch time among viewers may have been a factor.

Despite Netflix's decision to cancel, the show's first season enjoyed solid ratings from viewers and critics alike. A rumor surfaced in recent months that the show was being shopped around for a different home, something that has been confirmed with Adult Swim's second season order.

Netflix will retain the show's first season rights, meaning you'll have to use their platform to watch the initial episodes. It's unclear when the second season will premiere on Adult Swim, but given that it is a WarnerMedia network, it seems likely the episodes will eventually make their way to HBO Max.