Netflix Windows 8 app download up now with touchy panels

The folks responsible for designing the user interface for Netflix must have had smiles on their faces when they realized that they'd be able to create a Windows 8 flavoring for their archives. The new release of Netflix made specifically for Windows 8 is up for download right this minute, and incase you did not guess, yes, it is made specifically for the touchscreen. Of course you're not going to have to use a touchscreen to make it work, but you're definitely going to enjoy the process more if you do.

This update brings the same access to a top 10, new releases, and genres galore that you're used to from Netflix Instant as well as a whole new way to access it all. The setup replicates closely what you'll be doing with Windows 8's own panel-based user interface for touchscreen devices, complete with swipe to the left to drag your whole collection. This update includes the same set of content as any other Netflix Instant offering, here allowing your desktop to make the best of the whole situation.

Netflix viewers on Windows 8 with this update and no touchscreen will be clicking and dragging rather than pulling on scrollbars. This may well bring up some ire in the userbase as we must assume that not everyone in the Windows universe will be wanting to use the touchscreens Microsoft intends them all to use. What we'll see instead, more than likely, is an update that includes more than one interface – or a scrollbar – if the user does so desire. We'll just have to wait and see.

The Netflix update for Windows 8 is available from your Windows Store as you would any other app, here bringing with it a couple extra updates outside the user interface as well. This update also brings with it what Netflix describes as a lessening of CPU usage as well as less of a drain on the battery life of your notebook computers. Netflix also notes that "this fall" they'll be updating the app once again specifically – for now, time to watch True Grit!