Netflix teases Black Mirror movie with mysterious new listing

Following its own leak, Netflix has subtly confirmed the existence of a Black Mirror movie that will be released later this month. Called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the movie first appeared on a list of December content published — and later deleted — by Netflix on Twitter. Some subscribers got a screenshot of the tweet before it was deleted, prompting the company to confirm the movie.

News of the movie first surfaced from Netflix itself, which published a tweet that listed a number of new movies it has released — and will release — this month. On December 28, according to the tweet, Netflix will release a Black Mirror project called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

The inclusion raised speculation about the content: though it shares a name with a past episode, it was listed with movies that arrived this month, indicating that it was a movie itself, not the arrival of a specific old episode. Netflix seemingly confirmed the speculation by deleting the tweet.

Netflix has been a good sport about it and published the title on its own Netflix page under the same name. The page is separate from the existing Black Mirror series page; it also includes the label "A Netflix Film" and the very simple description, "Be right back."

According to the people who first saw the page, Netflix first listed a movie run time of more than 5 hours, but the current page shows a run time of only 5 minutes. The ridiculously long run time hints at the potential for this to be Netflix's previously tipped choose-your-own-adventure Black Mirror episode. The company hasn't revealed any details about the show, however, nor has it released the trailer yet.

Based on the now-deleted tweet, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch will be released on December 28.