Netflix Shuffle Play release date revealed for public rollout

This week Netflix confirmed that the long-awaited "Shuffle Play" feature will be released to the public in the first half of the year 2021. This Shuffle Play feature will be helpful for those users that enjoy playing a single TV show (generally a comedy) for comfort viewing. It's also likely GOING to be great for those users that'll want to shuffle through content placed on a list by Netflix – like when a single title has several seasons of episodes and a movie.

This is likely the point at which Netflix will push created lists of content further. Not unlike what Spotify does with playlists and promoting of artists as related content – here Netflix has a big opportunity to let binge viewers rattle through all sorts of new content.

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Netflix confirmed the update this week with TechCrunch, noting that it may not be called "Shuffle Play" by the time it's released to the public. Netflix' Q420 earnings call and shareholder letter mentioned the feature as follows.

"As we bring our members more great programming, we're always listening and working to make it easier for them to find the right show and film to watch," wrote a Netflix representative. "As another exciting step in this effort, we've been testing a new feature that gives members the ability to choose to instantly watch a title chosen just for them versus browse. The response has been positive and we plan to roll it out globally in the first half of 2021."

What sort of list of content would you create in Netflix if you had the ability to create a playlist? Would you choose to cycle through with Shuffle Play, or would you go in a special order? Would your answer be different if you were talking about the content available with Peacock, or Disney+, or Hulu?