Netflix puts up clever GIF posters that mirror the weather

Your daily Internet browsing likely involves at least a GIF or two, and communication is quickly incorporating the animation snippets as visual alternatives to words. It makes sense, then, for someone to try out an advertisement campaign that brings these GIFs to the nearest street corner, and it isn't surprising Netflix would be the company to do it. Given its vast library of videos, Netflix has no shortage of clips to choose from, and it is using them in a creative way.

Netflix launched in France back in September, finally bringing the service to a nation that has largely given it the cold shoulder. France's film culture and staunch pride have proven a tough nut for Netflix to crack, though it hasn't thrown in the towel yet. Given this, it isn't surprising the company launched this new ad campaign in France.

The work was done by local company Ogilvy Paris, which set out to make outdoor posters that feature short GIFs from some of the service's top TV shows and movies. Rather than sticking a random animation in an unrelated location, however, the company took one extra step and tailored the content to the environment.

As an example, the posters will change to one featuring rain if it is raining outside, and will flash an intelligent response, such as a suggestion to get out of the rain and watch a movie on Netflix. Be sure to check out the video above to see them in action.

SOURCE: FastCompany