Netflix offline 'never going to happen' says exec

Netflix is available on just about every device you might have, but it's not available anywhere you go. The streaming service still needs a solid signal, and if you're trying to stream over cellular, that's sometimes an issue. Offline playback seems a solid workaround to such connectivity woes, but that's not really Netflix's problem, is it? Netflix Director of Corporate Communications and Technology, Cliff Edwards, said offline playback isĀ "never going to happen", and that providing the feature is a "short term fix for a bigger problem".

The "bigger problem" Edwards speaks of is WiFi access and quality, according to Tech Radar. Edwards also considers the future to be connected in a big way, it seems, and thinks in five years' time we won't even be talking offline anything.

Connected and streaming all the time; I'm not sure if that's mildly frightening, or really cool.

At least stateside, WiFi is fairly ubiquitous, and available at just about every restaurant or coffee shop you visit. Elsewhere in the connected world, WiFi isn't as profound, so the comments seem a touch short-sided in that respect.

There's also the possibility that offline viewing puts Netflix in a tricky position. With net neutrality coming into focus, and Aereo being leg-swept over content playback, it's easy to see why Netflix is happy staying put and improving their existing streaming service.

Still, if you're going to let us binge-watch Marco Polo or House of Cards, at least let us do it offline, Netflix.

Source: Tech Radar