Netflix Nabs The Blacklist, Will Start Streaming Next Month

Netflix has confirmed rumors that it acquired The Blacklist, though it hasn't given confirmation about the leaked amount it paid for the show: a rumored $2 million per episode. If you haven't watched the show yet and aren't sure what all the hoopla is about, you'll get your chance to stream it starting September 7th.

Word about the business move first surfaced via Deadline, which is the source of the $2mil/episode information. If the price tag is correct, this would likely be the highest deal of its kind thus far.

NBC's The Blacklist is a relatively new television drama that has seen wide success, and has been notable in the number of fans who watched the show via time shifting (using a DVR, for example). It is said by Deadline that Sony TV offered Netflix the first shot at nabbing the show.

This is the latest business move Netflix has made, some of them unrelated to specific content. The company has been vocal recently about net neutrality and the state of the Internet, doing so while tweaking its service in many ways including nixing Saturday disc shipping.

SOURCE: Variety