Netflix puts the kibosh on Saturday disc shipping

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 15, 2014, 2:48pm CDT
Netflix puts the kibosh on Saturday disc shipping

Do you have a Netflix subscription? If so, the odds are high that you no longer subscribe to a plan that will allow you to order discs, instead opting for the more popular instant streaming feature. Even if you do subscribe to a plan that includes disc shipping, there has been a sneaky change you mightn’t noticed: no more Saturday shipping.

In days gone by, Netflix’s only business was shipping movie DVDs to customers, which eventually included a limited selection of stream-able movies and TV shows for those with the hardware to handle it. That streaming option, as we all know, grew and took over, becoming the company’s biggest offering.

Many have speculated about how much longer Netflix will bother with offering DVD shipments, and though it doesn’t seem the feature will be going away any time in the near future, it does seem the company has adjusted its business offering to match current demand levels (or, perhaps, budget numbers).

The move was a quiet one, and as a result the news didn’t come to light until upset customers began contacting the company, wanting to know why they didn’t receive their disc on Saturday. Eventually prodded by the complaints, Netflix has confirmed that Saturday shipments are no more.

SOURCE: BetaBeat

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