Netflix makes content-licensing deal with Turner and Warner Bros.

Netflix customers in the US will soon get a host of new shows coming their way, thanks to a content-licensing agreement between Netflix and two content providers, Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. Television Group. The deal means that tons of new shows from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TNT, and more, will be making their way to the streaming service as soon as late March.

Netflix's exclusive Arrested Development production won't air until later this May, so while eager fans are waiting for the show's return, they'll be able to catch up on shows like Adventure Time, Ben 10, the Green Lantern animated series, Robot Chicken, Johnny Bravo, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and TNT's Dallas, which will join Netflix in January 2014, while the rest will come on March 30.

This licensing agreement comes just one week after Netflix announced an earlier deal, which focused primarily on live-action shows, and it appears that Netflix and Warner Bros. are becoming increasingly friendly with one another, which is both good for the two companies involved, as well as the consumers.

With the ever-increasing back catalog of TV shows, Netflix is becoming a dominant figure in the streaming media realm, hosting not only TV shows, but a respectable collection of movies as well. And every time the service makes another deal with a content provider, it becomes more and more tempting to cut the cable cord.

[via Deadline]