Netflix Launching "Just For Kids" Interface

Everyone's favorite video streaming service Netflix has today announced their intention to launch "Just for Kids," a tab on their everyday user interface which brings up a child-centric selection screen and collection of movies and shows. From this screen you'll be able to find shows for kids 12 and under, selectable via similar means to what you're used to on the primary Netflix interface with a lovely row of characters the kids can select from if they know WHO they want to see but don't quite know how else to find them.

Launching the "Just for Kids" tab on the Netflix website (and we assume on other interfaces such as mobile apps for iOS and Android eventually) will bring you to a screen with a giant icons, cartoon characters at the top, video covers on the bottom, and not a whole lot more than this so that kids can select their own videos to watch, one after another after another, all day long. Todd Yellin, VP of product innovation at Netflix explains his position:

Todd Yellin here. In addition to being VP of product innovation at Netflix, I'm a dad of a five and seven-year-old who love to watch characters. So, in both of my roles, I'm proud to announce the launch of a more intuitive and enjoyable way for children to watch all of the great age-appropriate TV shows and movies available to watch instantly streaming from Netflix: "Just for Kids." – Yellin

When you've got your inspiration working right beside you every single day of the year, you more than likely know your audience. Not that Yellin is only using his own children to make this Netflix screen great, but it certainly doesn't appear to have hurt.

More than one hundred of kids' favorite cartoon characters and non-cartoon characters are available for the clicking as Netflix offers up one gigantic heaping helping of kid-friendly media. Netflix has also apparently worked with Common Sense Media, "a leading non-profit that provides trustworthy information and tools so that families can have a choice and a voice about the media they consume," to help prioritize their selections.

"Just for Kids" is available TODAY on PC and Mac computers via internet browsers of all the most updated types in the USA and Canada today with "similar functionality" coming to the Wii, iPad "and many other devices." Again, we can assume this means Android as well.

[via Netflix]