Netflix is turning an Ubisoft game from 2003 into a feature film

Netflix has revealed its latest adaptation plans, stating that it will be turning Ubisoft's Beyond Good and Evil into a feature film. The announcement was accompanied by an image that teases the style of the game and its main characters. Fans can expect a movie that sticks with the space pirates theme, one that is firmly in the adventure genre.

Artwork released with Netflix's announcement is pretty stunning, revealing a high level of quality with glimpses of both the space pirates and the wider space environment. The film is based on Ubisoft's 2003 video game Beyond Good & Evil, which received ample praise for its storyline and setting, earning itself a cult following.

The game didn't progress to be the first of a trilogy as originally planned, but it will return in a new form — Netflix's movie — potentially spurring renewed interest in the title, prompting the development of a sequel. Only time will tell whether another game in the franchise will be made, however.

The Netflix movie is currently in development, but the company hasn't provided any additional details, including how far along the project is and when it anticipates releasing the movie on its platform. As with any Netflix Original, the movie will be made available in all markets where Netflix is available.

The project isn't surprising. Netflix is already home to original content based on video games and it is no secret that Ubisoft has been working to turn some of its game IP into movies and TV shows. Back in late 2018, for example, word surfaced that Ubisoft had greenlit two other games — Child of Light and Werewolves Within — for adaptions and that scripts for both were being developed.