Netflix iPad app gets Retina Display upgrade

Chris Davies - Mar 22, 2012
Netflix iPad app gets Retina Display upgrade

Netflix for the iPad has been updated to suit the new tablet’s Retina Display, with crisper menus, higher-resolution thumbnails and more. The refreshed app also fixes VoiceOver support, Apple’s text-to-speech screen access technology, along with improving playback for external displays and various other bugfixes and tweaks. However, while the UI may be HD, so far content itself isn’t.

That means that although you can see the UI in beautiful, crisp quality on the new iPad, when video actually starts playing you’re back to crunchy, visible pixels. Not for much longer, however: Netflix took to Twitter to confirm that HD video support will “follow later” though didn’t specify exactly how much later that would be.

Streaming HD quality video, however, will require plenty of bandwidth, so expect to either chew through your LTE data bundle in short order or rely on a WiFi connection instead. Still, the improved interface is a welcome change, with easier access to categories among other things.

You can download Netflix here [iTunes link]; it’s a free download, but you’ll need to be a subscriber to actually access content.

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