Netflix HDR arrives on Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Netflix's HDR video support has finally expanded beyond just the LG G6, officially going live on the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. This marks the second Android phone to support Netflix's HDR feature, bringing a higher quality to one's mobile watching. Back in May, Netflix on Android brought Dolby Vision support to the LG G6, the first in what will no doubt be a steady rollout over time.

Whereas the LG G6 specifically supports Dolby Vision, the Xperia XZ Premium is listed as supporting 'HDR' in a separate category on Netflix's Help page. If you have this model of phone, it must be updated to the most recent firmware before the HDR playback will be enabled within Netflix. Once it is, users can choose to view HDR content using their phone.

Not all videos in the Netflix library support HDR/Dolby Vision, though the number of shows with a high dynamic range are growing steadily. As well, any Netflix subscriber who wants to watch HDR videos will need to make sure they're subscribed to the company's 4K plan, otherwise it won't be available. Netflix isn't the only company streaming 4K/HDR videos, however.

Amazon has notably introduced HDR streaming content through Amazon Video, the catalog of which includes both full seasons of some television shows (namely its own original shows), as well as a handful of documentaries and the movie Chi-raq. Back in December 2016, Hulu also brought about its own 4K content, though it seems HDR is still missing from the service at this time.

SOURCE: Netflix