Netflix Hack Day: double log-in, Nintendo, and Earth

Chris Burns - Mar 12, 2015, 9:49am CDT
Netflix Hack Day: double log-in, Nintendo, and Earth

So you like hacking – and you like Netflix. Perhaps you’d enjoy watching House of Cards season 3 on your Nintendo Entertainment System? Lucky you, someone has figure out how to do such a thing, and they’ve posted a demonstration of this system this week. Straight from the Netflix Hack Day (Winter Season 2015), comes DarNES, a system that’s relatively unmodified (hardware-wise), complete with Netflix. This system works – it plays video, scrolls through the UI, and accesses the internet.

This hack is made with a connected mapper 4 (MMC3) with a powerpak, and the system you’re seeing here will run (just so long as you have the cartridge) on any original NES. That’s the original NES, the one that was first released in 1983.

Have a peek as this machine moves through Netflix – a very, very stripped down iteration of Netflix – with menus of text and everything in blue, white, or gray.

Next you’ll see another “hack” from a couple developers at this official Netflix Hack Day. This one goes by the name Netflix Earth – animating a 3D globe of worldwide playback activity.

Then there’s this “DualPinProtection” modification. This bit allows you to enter Netflix only when you and your partner have entered their special codes.

This last video shows how you can avoid your partner cheating on you with Netflix – how DARE they go to the next episode without you!

You can see additional hacks on the Netflix Techblog if you do so wish. Cross your fingers for the double log-in!

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