Netflix Gets New CBS Deal To Stream TV Shows

Rue Liu - Feb 22, 2011
Netflix Gets New CBS Deal To Stream TV Shows

Shortly after the news of Amazon’s new video streaming service, Netflix announces their new show streaming deal with CBS. The new deal will add several TV shows both new and classic to Netflix’s content offering

With a Netflix streaming plan, you will now be able to watch classic shows such as Cheers, Star Trek, and Twin Peaks, as well as newer shows such as Flashpoint and Medium. Netflix and CBS had a previous deal in 2008 that covered series such as NCIS and CSI. This new deal will extend their relationship for at least another two years.

Some believe the Netflix and CBS deal is a message to Amazon as the competition heats up. These recent developments in the video streaming market prove that content really is king. Even Google’s YouTube, once a “Broadcast Yourself” grassroots type of video service, is now venturing out for premium content including talks with the NBA for major sports broadcasts.

[via Business Insider]

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