Netflix gets Jurassic Park "trilogy" soon

In the very near future, Netflix will gain access to three films in what they call the "original Jurassic Park trilogy." This has been disputed by fans who suggest that no such trilogy exists. Despite their protests, the so-called "Jurassic Park trilogy" includes Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World, and Jurassic Park 3.

The third Jurassic Park movie was the first that was not based on a novel. The first two were based on books by Michael Crichton, while the third... wasn't. The third film was a 2001 release starring Sam Neill, William H. Macy, and Téa Leoni, so it's not as if it was starved for great actors.

It just that... it had a lot of strange twists in it, and you REALLY had to love the idea that people would return to the same island chain again, back to Isla Sorna (the site of the majority of The Lost World.) And you really had to buy in to the idea that Dr. Alan Grant would ever, EVER accept a comission to return to the island when it was CLEAR that it was PACKED with dinosaurs, this time without any promise of protection whatsoever.

Meanwhile all three Jurassic Park films are up on Peacock right now, too. If you're all about Jurassic Park and (somehow) do no already own the lot, there are options! The Netflix Jurassic Park re-release date is August 1, 2020.

Of note: If you've not seen any Jurassic Park movies and only saw Jurassic World, you're in for a treat. The first and second Jurassic Park are perfect combinations of real and unbelievable – far beyond the overboard monstrosities that were the rest of the films.

Especially if you're at home with a surround sound audio system, Jurassic Park is extraordinary. And it holds up! It's one of those extremely rare special effects-heavy films that really, truly stands the test of time. That's what you get when you lean toward practical!