Netflix full HD streaming and AirPlay capability hit iPhone and iPad

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world. A couple of the things that are so appealing about Netflix to many users is that the company is constantly adding new content and has some of its own original shows that are highly appealing. Netflix has announced that it has made some changes and brought new features to users of the iPhone and iPad including full HD video.

Users of Android devices running Android 4.3 received the ability to stream 1080p resolution video during the summer. Netflix has now announced that full HD viewing is available for iPhone and iPad users with devices running iOS 7. That means users on older generation Apple gadgets that don't support the latest operating system are left out.

Not only does the update bring full HD resolution video streams, it also integrates AirPlay streaming capability. Using AirPlay streaming, users could shoot their video to the big-screen TV in the living room from the iPhone or iPad using the Apple TV.

Granted, the Apple TV has its own Netflix app so that capability is probably more interesting if you want to stream content from your phone to someone else's Apple TV that doesn't have a Netflix account. These updates are available in version 5.0 of the Netflix application and the app can be downloaded now from iTunes.

SOURCE: Engadget